B bábi, Tibor

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Broad Sword (pallos) – A double-edged sword first used by the Sarmatians. It was a common weapon of the Huns and Onogurs. It later became a common weapon of the heavy cavalry of the German army. In the Middle Ages a pallos-like sword was used for beheading convicts. – B: 0942, T: 7656.→Sarmatians; Huns.

Brocky, Károly (Charles) (Temesvár, now Timişoara, Romania, 22 May 1807 - London, England, 8 July 1855) – Painter. He studied in Vienna; and after years of preparation, took a study trip to Italy, and Paris, France. From there he moved to London by the invitation of an English lord. His paintings reflect a serious psychological analysis of the human physical form; and with his true-to-life portraits he became a favorite of the English aristocracy. He spent two more years in Vienna before returning to London in 1846, where he painted numerous attractive and delicate female portraits. He also painted the portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, as well as György (George) Kmety and László (Ladislas) Mészáros, two prominent Hungarian personalities living in exile at that time. In the 1850s he painted several voluptuous nudes, half nudes and mythological characters, works that reflected his fine artistic qualities. His last self-portrait, dressed in red, is a gem of 19th century Hungarian fine art. Some of his other pictures include Poverty (Szegénység); Woman in Yellow Dress (Sárgaruhás nő), and Amor and Psyche and Resting Psyche. He is regarded as one of the most famous Hungarian artist of the first half of the 19th century. His works are to be found in many English private collections and in the British Museum in London, as well as in the National Gallery in Budapest. – B: 0883, 1124, 1285, T: 7653.→Kmety, György.

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