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Brethrens’ Community, Evangelical

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Brethrens’ Community, Evangelical – This is a brake-away community from the Methodist Church in Hungary on account of organizational and doctrinal differences. This religious community has been active in Hungary since 1974; has been officially reorganized in 1981. Its members are engaged in social work, hospital and prison ministry and they fight against alcoholism. Members of the congregation are divided into groups of 10-15 under the leadership of an Elder. – B: 1042, T: 7390.
Brezanóczy, Pál (Paul) (Aknaszlatina, now Szolotivno, Carpatho - Ukraine, 25 January 1912 - Eger, 11 February 1972) – Roman Catholic archbishop. He graduated at the Premonstrian High School of Kassa (now Košice, Slovakia), thereafter he studied theology at Innsbruck, Austria. He was ordained in 1935 and became a military chaplain. In 1938 he was teaching theology, and later became a high school principal; bishop’s secretary in 1941, and later Vicar-General in Kassa, at that time belonging to the Szatmár Diocese. He organized a training seminary in the priests’ country house of Hejce. After serving in several ecclesiastical offices, he was appointed Archbishop of Eger in 1969, and participated in the works of the Vatican Council II (1962-1965), as well as in the preparation of the agreement between the Hungarian Government and the Holy See in 1964, when the Hungarian communist government and the Vatican agreed to cooperate in the appointments of new bishops, who were to take an oath of loyalty to the government instead of the Church. – B: 0945, T: 7103.→Catholic Church in Hungary.

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