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Brentán, Károly S.J. (Charles) (Komárom, 23 August 1694 - Near Genova, Italy, 18 November 1752) – Jesuit missionary, discoverer. His studies were completed at the College of Nagyszombat (now Trnava, Slovakia), and became member of the Jesuit Order in 1714. He was trained at the Mission School of Seville, Spain, and was posted to missionary work in South America. He arrived in Quito, Equador in 1722. His missionary work lasted 14 years among the Andoa Indians at the River Maranon, the main tributary of the Amazon. Later he visited the Omagua, Miguiano, Amaono and Parano. He was on good term with the Indians and even taught them agriculture. He wrote a catechism in their language. On his missionary trips he drew maps and made the first detailed description of the region at the confluence of rives Maranon and Ucayali. He was the first European to travel the upper end of the rivers Nanay and Itatay. He also described hitherto unknown plants. In 1744 he was made provincial to the Jesuit Province of Quito that at the time included Ecuador, parts of Columbia and Peru. In 1743 he embarked on a dangerous expedition in the tropical jungle. After his term expired he went to Rome. His journey lasted for three years. He took with him manuscripts, maps and notes. He wanted to publish his book in Genoa; but on his way from Rome he died and his manuscripts were lost. Only his maps were published later. The title of his book would have been Marannonensium S. J. Missionum generalis Historia iconibus illustrate. He was one of the most outstanding Hungarian Jesuit missionaries in South America. – B: 1420, T: 7103.→Jesuits, Hungarian, in Latin America; Orosz, László (1); Éder, Xavér Ferenc S.J.

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