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Brauer, Marcel Lajos (Marcellus Louis) (Pécs, 21 May 1902 - New York, USA, 1 July 1981) – Architect. His primary and secondary studies were at his hometown. In 1920 he studied sculpturing at Vienna. However, he soon moved to Weimar, Germany, where, in the framework of Bauhaus, he became student of Walter Gropius. In 1925 he obtained his diploma, and with the school he moved to Dessau, Germany. In 1934 he moved to Budapest. Despite the prizes he won, the Chamber of Architects did not grant him membership. In 1935 he went to England; in 1937 he was invited by the Department of Architecture of Harvard University in the USA, where he taught until 1946. In the meantime, together with Gropius, he opened an architect office in New York in 1941, and had an office in Paris as well. He worked as counselor of the universities of Bogota, Columbia, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, having assisted in reorganizing their Department of Architecture. He built a great number of buildings worldwide, including the Dorteltal, Zürich (1934), Museum of Modern Art, New York (1949), Breuer House, New Canaan, Connecticut (1951), UNESCO Headquarters, Paris (with others) (1953), De Nijenkorf Department Store, Rotterdam (1957-1958), and Whitney Museum, New York (1963-1966). In his book Sun and Shadow he featured his own works. He won a number of prestigious prizes and he received an Honorary Doctorate from the Budapest Polytechnic in 1970. – B: 0883, 1031, 0881, 0896, T: 7103.

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