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Bozsik, József (Joseph) (Kispest, 28 November 1925 - Budapest, 31 May 1978) – Soccer player. His career started at the Kispest Athletic Club and continued with its successor, the Honvéd Club, Budapest, where he played right halfback. His team was champion in 1949-1950, 1952, 1954 and 1955. He was member of the Olympic Champion Team (1952) and that of the European Cup (1948-1953). He was member of the Hungarian winning team over England in 1953, and of the silver medalist team of the World Championship (Bern, Switzerland) in 1954. He was regarded as the world’s best right halfback player of the first half of the 1950s. He was the only one in Hungarian soccer history to become 100 times member of the national team. He was coach of the Budapest Honvéd team and Captain of the Hungarian National team in 1974-1975. The Stadion of Kispest was named after him in 1986. – B: 0883, T: 7103.→Buzánszky, Jenő; Czibor, Zoltán; Grosics, Gyula; Kocsis, Sándor, Puskás, Ferenc; Golden Team.

Brachna, Gábor (Gabriel) (Szarvas, 30 October 1909 - Cleveland, OH, USA, 10 January 1998) – Lutheran pastor, archdeacon in the USA. He completed his secondary school education in Szarvas, his Theological studies at the Lutheran Theology Academy of Sopron, and was ordained in 1931. He began his duties as Pastor in Csömör. He was awarded a scholarship to New York, where he received M.Theol. from the Union Theological Seminary. He also had the opportunity to serve a Hungarian community, where he was eventually able to establish the one-time Hungarian Lutheran Church. Later he returned to Hungary to serve in Makó. Just before World War II, at the request of the Cleveland, Ohio congregation, the Hungarian mother church sent him back to the USA to be the first pastor of the West-Cleveland Hungarian Lutheran congregation, a post he held for 18 years. In 1954 he was invited to the First Hungarian Evangelical congregation, Cleveland, where he served until his retirement in 1976. He was a founding member of the American Hungarian Lutheran (Evangelical) Conference when it became a branch of the United Lutheran Church in America in 1941. For years he was Editor and publisher of the official paper of the Conference, the Mighty Fortress (Erős Vár). Subsequently he became Archdeaconal President of the Conference. One of his duties was keeping alive the Hungarian Evangelical (Lutheran) Congregation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, of which he was administrator until 1978. He was also elected member of the Theological Examination Board, was President of the Lutheran Ministers’ Association of the Cleveland Diocese, as well as that of the Ecumenical Ministers’ Association. The Evangelical (Lutheran) Theological Academy of Budapest bestowed upon him an Honorary Doctorate in 1982. – B: 0906, T: 7617

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