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Bow, the Composite – An advanced type of bow, also called reflex bow. It was developed by the horsemen of Central Asia in the first millennium B.C. Particularly the Scythians, the Huns, the Avars and the Magyars were masters in the making and handling of this fearsome weapon. Compared to other bows, the composite bow was smaller, more powerful, and more practical in hunting or shooting from horseback. An arrow shot from it could travel about half a mile’s distance, was capable of piercing some light body armor, and was lethal at about 300-400 yards. (Western bows had only about half the range.) The warriors of the East were masters at handling these bows and they shot their arrows with great accuracy from their galloping horses. Even in a retreat, real or tactical, the stirrup enabled them to turn facing backwards on their horses allowing them for a very effective use of these weapons. The stirrup was introduced into Europe by the Avars in the 6th century A.D. – B&T: 1241.→Composite Bow; Hungarian Bow; Scythians; Avars; Huns; Hungarians.

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