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Bottyán, János (2) (John) (Belényes, Transylvania, now Beius, Romania, 23 October 1911 - Budapest, 22 January 1984) – Minister of the Reformed Church, writer, journalist. He started school at his place of birth; later studied at Nagyszalonta (now Salonta, Romania) and Debrecen. He studied Theology at the Reformed Theological Academy, Debrecen (1932-1935). He worked for eight months at the Diaconal Institute, Bielefeld, Germany. He was Assistant Minister in Sáp, Körösnagyharsány, Sarkad, Sarkad-Keresztúr, Okány and Baktalórántháza. From 1940 he was Secretary at the weekly Reformed [Presbyterian] Future (Református Jövő), later, its Deputy Editor. He was a contributor for the periodicals New Hungarian Woman (Új Magyar Asszony) (1944-1947) and the Life and Future (Élet és Jövő) (1947). From 1949 he was an editor for the Reformed Church (Református Egyház), the Reformed Messenger (Református Híradó) (1950-1952), from 1937 for the literary monthly Confession (Confessio). He received his Ph.D. from the Reformed Theological Academy of Budapest in 1979. He was a prolific publicist, an Album Editor, and organizer of a number of exhibitions. His major works include Our Ruined and Rebuilt Churches 1945-1951 (Rombadöntött és felépített templomaink 1945-1950) (1950); Heroes of Our Faith (Hitünk Hősei) (1971); History of the Calvin Square Church 1830-1980 (A Kálvin téri templom története 1830-1980) (1980), and Centuries of the Hungarian Bible (A Magyar Biblia évszázadai) (1982). – B: 0883, 0910, T: 7103.

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