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Böszörményi-Nagy, Iván (Budapest, 19 May 1920 - Piladelphia, USA, 28 January 2007) – Hungarian-American psychiatrist; one of the founders of family therapy. He was born into a Catholic family with a number of prominent judges among its members. His higher studies were at the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest. His psychiatric education was at the University of Budapest. For political reasons he left Hungary in 1948. For two years he worked in Austria as a neurologist and psychiatrist for the International Refugee Organization. In 1950, he emigrated to the USA and did scientic research on the biochemical basis of schisophrenia. Later, he was a professor at the University of Chicago, then at the State University of New York. In 1957, he joined the hospital staff of the Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, where he practised family therapy for 20 years. His department became one of the main training centers for family therapists. For 25 years he worked at the Hahnemann University Hospital as Senior Physician of family therapy. He did private practice as well and founded the Institute for Contextual Growth in Philadelphia. After the changed of regime in Hungary in 1989, he visited his home country several times. His contribution to the Family Therapy and the Contextual Family Thearpy was outstanding. This model combined the subject-related theory, the system theory and the existential philosophy. He introduced such ideas as the transgenerative solidarity (transgenerációs szolidaritás), ontic dimension (ontikus dimenzió) and the mutual realization (kölcsönös megvalósitás). He co-authored books, including the influential Boszormenyi-Nagy, I., & Spark, G.: The Invisible Loyalty... (A láthatatlan loyalitás...) (1973, 1984); Boszormenyi-Nagy, I., & Framo, J. (Eds.): Intensive Family Therapy: Theoretical and Practical Aspects (Intenzív családiterápia: teóretikus és gyakorlati aspektusok), (1965, 1985), and Boszormenyi-Nagy, I., & Krasner, B.: Between Give and Take: A Clinical Guide to Contextual Therapy (Venni és adni között: klinikai vezérfonal a kontextuális terápiához) (1986). Two of his works appeared in Hungarian translation. He received the Gold Medal of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary in 2000. – B: 1031, 1957, T: 7103.

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