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Borschy–Kerekes, George E

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Borschy–Kerekes, George E. (Diósgyőr, 9 March 1882 - USA, 1971) – Minister of the Hungarian Reformed Church in the USA. He graduated from junior college in Miskolc and attended the Universities of Debrecen and Budapest. In 1913 he began his studies at the Reformed Theological Academy of Sárospatak. During World War I he volunteered to serve in the Hungarian Army. He was secretary to Bishop Dezső Baltazár, and wrote articles for newspapers. In 1924 he accepted the call of the Hungarian Reformed Church in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. Three years later he was minister of the Hungarian Reformed Church of Youngstown, Ohio. In 1935, while serving the church as Minister as well as Dean, he was elected Field Secretary of the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America, and became the organizer of the movement “Freedom for Hungary”. He was well known as a writer. He became one of the foremost Hungarian newspapermen in the United States. Several of his books were published in Hungary and in the USA, for example The One and Only Way (Az egy és egyetlen Út). In it he defended the independence of the Hungarian Reformed Church in America. – B: 0906, T: 7103.→Baltazár, Dezső.

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