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Boroszló Manuscript (Hungarian: Boroszló, German: Breslau, Polish: Wroclaw) – A collection of songs probably from the end of the 16th century, held in the City Library of Wroclaw, Poland. It is bound into the unique volume of Gergely (Gregory) Szegedi’s Songbook of 1569. It contains mostly liturgical songs and old texts without musical notations. Zoltán Kodály used it as a source and drew the text for his oratorio Psalmus Hungaricus based on the poem of Mihály Kecskeméti Végh. – B: 0942, T: 7659.→Kecskeméti Végh, Mihály; Kodály, Zoltán.

Borsa Clan – A Hungarian clan of some influence from the Árpádian era, probably the same as the Boruksa clan mentioned by the 12th century Hungarian chronicler, Anonymus. Tradition has it that Boruksa descended from Voivode Bojta, a Cumanian leader, who joined forces with Árpád. Their ancient estates were in the counties of Békés and Bihar, between the Rivers Sebes-Körös and Berettyó; the clan had property in Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania) as well. The members of this clan included László (Ladislas) the Cumanian – King László IV (Ladislas, 1272-1290) and King András III (Endre, Andrew, 1290-1301). During the time of the oligarchy, many of the most distinguished aristocrats in the history of Hungary also came from this clan: Roland held the office of voivode in Transylvania several times between 1282 and 1296, István (Stephen) was head wine steward in 1284, Jakab (Jacob) was Master of the Horse in 1284 and later Bán and Palatine of Hungary. Their descendants were the Iklódy, Nadányi and Szentpály families. – B: 0942, T: 7685.→Anonymus; László IV, King; András III, King.

Borsa, Gedeon (Gideon) (Rene Badogos, until 1941 Janits) (Budapest, 11 October, 1923 - ) – Literary historian, bibliographer. He read Law at the University of Budapest in 1950. He obtained a Ph.D. in Literature in 1989; then worked at the National Archives Center (1950-1951). From 1951 he worked for the Center of National Libraries, then at the National Széchényi Library, Budapest. From 1960 he was Head of the Bibliographical Editorial Board, and a Member of the Literary Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His field of research is 16th century printed materials and incunabula. His works include Catalogus librorum veterum usque ad annum 1800 in lingua Bohemica et Slovaca impressorum, with István (Stephen) Kafer (1970); Writings on the History of Books, vols. i-iv, (Könyvtörténeti irások I-IV) (1996-2000), and Inventories of the Jesuit College of Nagyszombat and of the University Press, 1773 (A nagyszombati jezsuita kollégium és az egyetemi nyomda leltára 1773), co-author (1997) (Nagyszombat, now Tranva, Slovakia). He is a recipient of the Academy Prize (1972) and Commemorative Medal of Ervin Szabó (1980). – B: 0874, 1878, 1257, T: 7103.

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