B bábi, Tibor

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Boross, Péter (Nagybajom, 27 August 1928 - ) – Politician, lawyer. In 1938 he attended the Mátyás Hunyadi Military School in Kőszeg. In 1942 he continued his studies at the Miklós Zrinyi Military Cadet School. In 1944 the school was evacuated to Germany; but he escaped and joined a Hungarian fighting unit in the Northern Hungary area (Felvidék, now Slovakia). When his unit was to be transported to Germany, he returned to Hungary, continued his high school studies in Kaposvár, and graduated in 1947. Read Law at the University of Budapest and obtained a Ph.D. in 1951. He was refused admission to the Bar for political reasons. He worked at the Finance Department of the Budapest City Administration. During the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight he was a member of the Revolutionary Committee of Budapest, and a member of the Revolutionary Committee of Intellectuals. After the crushed Revolution he was arrested and sent to the internment camp of Kistarcsa in January 1957. He was eventually set free; but his police surveillance continued till 1959. From 1960 he worked in the catering trade and became the Manager of one of its branches in 1971. Before retirement he was involved in setting up the “Country-building Foundation”. On its Board he became acquainted with Árpád Göncz (later President of Hungary) and József (Joseph) Antall, (later Prime Minister), his mentor. On the advise of Antall, he became interested in the Hungarian Democratic Forum (Magyar Demokrata forum – MDF). He retired from his civil job in February 1989. He was appointed State Secretary in the Antall Cabinet on 30 June 1990, and became Minister of the Secret Service, and Minister of the Interior from 21 December 1990. He joined the MDF in 1992 and soon became a member of the Party’s Presidium. Following the untimely death of Prime Minister Antall, he was elected Prime Minister on 13 December 1992; but lost the office to Gyula (Julius) Horn of the Hungarian Socialist Party (Magyar Szocialista Párt – MSZP) in the July 1994 election. As a Member of Parliament, he served on various committees. In 1995 he resigned as Deputy Chairman of the MDF. After the Fidesz-MPP (Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége-Magyar Polgári Párt - FIDESZ) won the election in 1998, he was appointed Chief Advisor to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He is a recipient of the Podmaniczky Prize (1996), the 1956 Memorial Medal and the Great Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (1998). – B: 1013, T: 7103.→Antall, József; Göncz, Árpád; Horn, Gyula; Orbán, Viktor.

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