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Boros, Imre (Emeric) (Csáda, 18 July 1947 - ) – Economist, politician. His secondary education is from Zalaegerszeg, followed by higher studies in the Finance Section of the University of Economics, Budapest, obtaining a Degree there in 1970. Since then, he has lectured there in the Department of Finance; and from 1998 also at the University of Sopron. From 1973 to 1988 he was dealing with foreign exchange policy at the Hungarian National Bank in several higher appointments. In 1988-1990 he was International Deputy Director of the Hungarian Credit Bank, and a member of its Directorate. In the 1990s he was on the Board of Directors of a number of different banks, among them acting as Deputy Chairman of East-West International Bank of Moscow; President of Interbanka of Prague; and Managing Director of Hungarian Banque Indosuez Ltd. From 1988 he was Minister Without Portfolio in the Phare Program, and President of the Financial Cabinet in the Independent Smallholders’ Party, from where he was expelled in 2001. From 1998 he was Member of Parliament. Since 2011, in the Second Orban Government, he fills an important position. Since 1999 has been President of the Hungarian Horse-Breeding and Equestrian Sport Association. His writings and articles also appeared in other languages. He was co-author of the book entitled: Failure and Collapse of the Foreign Gold Exchange (Az aranydeviza kudarcai és bukása) (1973). He was presented with the State Prize in 1983. – B: 0874, 1608, T: 7456.

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