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Bornemisza, Péter (Petrus Abstemius) (Pest, 22 February 1535 - Nádasfő, now Rohoznik Slovakia, early 1584) – Lutheran superintendent and writer. He studied at Kassa (now Košice, Slovakia) (1548-1553); then from 1556, at the Universities of Padua, Wittenberg and Vienna. From 1559 he worked with the reformer and printer Gál Huszár as his student, deacon and printing assistant first at Magyaróvár, later at Kassa. During 1561-1563, he was a scribe at the Vienna Chancellery, then court preacher at the court of János (John) Balassa at Zólyom (now Zvolen, Slovakia) and tutor of the poet Bálint (Valentine) Balassi. It was here that he began writing his famous Postils, and where his religious polemics began with the Archbishop of Esztergom, Miklós (Nicholas) Telegdi. From 1569 he was preacher at the court of Julius Salm and Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Thurzó. During 1574-1578 he was superintendent of Csallóköz (now Zitnyostov, Slovakia) and Mátyusföld (now Mat’usvé zemé, Slovakia) districts. Finally, from 1579 on, he worked at Detrekő (now Plavecké Podhradie, Slovakia). His main publications are Postils (Postillák) in five volumes; the appendix of vol. iv is entitled On the Satanic Ghosts (Az ördögi kisirtetekről) (1579), which he wrote after the death of some family members, as well as various other misfortunes; Songbook (Énekeskönyv) (1582) and the so-called Folio-postil (Foliopostilal) (1584). – B: 1050, 1257, T: 7456.→Huszár, Gál; Balassi, Bálint; Csallóköz, Mátyusföld.

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