B bábi, Tibor

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Bornemisza, Géza (Nábrád, 4 February 1884 - Vác, 3 June 1966) – Painter. First, he studied at the School of Design (Mintarajziskola), Budapest; but from 1902, he regularly attended the Nagybánya Artist Colony (now Baia Mare, Transyalvaia, in Romania) and studied painting with János (John) Thorma and Károly (Charles) Ferenczy. In 1908, he went to Paris and became a student at the Academy of Henri Matisse, where he got acquainted with the newest ideas in painting, and from then on he became their follower and advocate at Nagybánya. First he painted still-life and landscapes; but later worked in the post-Nagybánya style. In 1910, he joined Béla Iványi-Grünwald for a few years in Kecskemét, and participated in the founding of the Kecskemét Artist Colony. In 1924 he joined the New Society of Artists (Képzőművészek Új Társasága – KÚT). His works include Still-Life (Csendélet) (1909); Village Scenery (Falusi tájkép) (1911-1912); A View to the Mountain (Kilátás a hegyre) (1911-1912) and Springtime on Gellért Hill (Tavasz a Gellért hegyen) (1930). In 1960, there was a retro exhibition of his works at the Ernst Museum, Budapest. His works are in private collections, in the National Gallery, Budapest, and in the József Katona Museum, Kecskemét. – B: 0934, 1031, T: 7103.→Thorma, János; Ferenczy, Károly; Iványi-Grünwald, Béla; Perlrott-Csaba, Vilmos; Nagybánya Artist Colony; Kecskemét Artist Colony.

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