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Bordy, Bella (Gyula, 21 November 1909 - Budapest, 28 June 1978) – Ballet dancer, actress. She studied with Ede (Edward) Brada and Ferenc (Francis) Nádas. In 1931 she studied Music and Acting with Béla Both. She was in Paris on scholarship in 1935 and studied continuously with Lubov Egorova. Bordy was a member of the Budapest Opera House (Operaház) (1924-1965). She toured Western Europe several times. As guest star she appeared in the Operetta Theater (Operett Színház); and from 1940 to 1944 she acted in dramas in the Madách Theater (Madách Színház). She appeared in several films between 1938 and 1961. After her retirement she trained actors and opera singers in Vienna and Zürich. She performed in some 25 classical and modern ballet title roles and appeared in more than 50 plays. Her major dance roles were Matyó Bride (Matyó menyasszony); Hungarian Fantasies (Magyar ábrándok); Village Inn Scene (Csárdajelenet); Mayday in Pozsony (Pozsonyi majális); The Pitcher (A korsó), and Dreams of Love (Szerelmi álmok). Her main roles were Örzsi in A. Szirmai’s Honey-cake (Mézeskalács); Colette in M. Eisemann’s Peter Black (Fekete Péter), and Manci in K. Komjáti’s Wedding at Ipafa (Ipafai lakodalom). Her feature film roles include Variety Stars (A varieté csillagai); Two Girls on the Street (Két lány az utcán); Old Tokay Wine (Tokaji aszú); Andrew (András); Your Loving Son Peter (Szerető fia Péter); Midnight Express (Éjféli gyors) and Mirage in All Quantities (Délibáb minden mennyiségben). She received the Merited Artist title (1959). B: 0883, 1445, T: 7103.→Both, Béla.

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