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Borbándi, Gyula (Julius) (Budapest, 24 September 1919 - ) – Writer, historian, literary historian, editor. He earned a Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Budapest in 1942. From 1942 to 1945 he was in the army and became a prisoner of war in World War II. Between 1946 and 1948 he worked as district secretary in Budapest, and as city executive committee member of the National Peasant Party. He emigrated to Switzerland in 1949, and has lived in Munich from 1951. He worked for Radio Free Europe between 1951 and 1984; was Editor for the periodicals Horizon (Látóhatár), then Editor-in-Chief for the New Horizon (Új Látóhatár) between 1953 and 1989. He was one of the literary organizers of the Hungarian exiles. His works include Studies in the Hungarian Revolution, edited with József (Joseph) Molnár (Tanulmányok a magyar forradalomról) (1966); Der Ungarische Populismus (1976); The Hungarian Populist Movement (A Magyar népi mozgalom) (1983); A Biography of Hungarian Emigration (A magyar emigráció életrajza) (1985); Five-Hundred Miles (Ötszáz mérföld) essays and notes, (1989); Encyclopedia and Bibliography of Hungarian Literature in the West (Nyugati magyar irodalmi lexikon és bibliográfia) (1992); An Anthology of Hungarian Essayists in the West, ed. (A nyugati magyar esszéírók antológiája) (1986); An Anthology of Hungarian Study Writers in the West, ed., (Nyugati magyar tanulmányírók antológiája) (1987); Hungarians in the English Garden (Magyarok az Angolkertben), A History of Radio Free Europe (1996); Emigration and Hungary 1985-1995 (Emigráció és Magyarország 1985-1995) (1996); Hungarian Political Careers 1938-1946 (Magyar politikai pályaképek 1938-1946) (1997); Twilight and Dawn (Alkony és derengés) (1999); We Didn’t Live in Vain (Nem éltünk hiába), the story of a monthly (2000); Populism and Populists (Népiség és népiek) (2000); Custody of Values (Értékőrzés): Selected Writings (Válogatott írások) (2001), and Exiles (Emigránsok), literary and political portraits (2002). He was awarded the Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, the Gábor Bethlen Prize, the Széchényi Prize, the Ethnic Minority Prize, and the Middle Cross of Order Merit with Star of the Republic of Hungary. – B: 0874, 0877, 0879, 1257, T: 7103.

Borbás, Antal (Anthony) (Szentes, 31 July 1889 - San Francisco, CA, USA, 1982) – Minister of the Reformed Church. He studied Theology at Kolozsvár (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania) 1913. After World War I he became an army chaplain and worked with Bishop Elemér (Elmer) Soltész. In Wold War II he served on the Russian front. He emigrated to the USA in 1950 and served in Detroit, Windsor ON, Canada, Bethlehem, Poughkeepsie and San Francisco in the US. – B: 0906, T: 7103.→Soltész, Elemér.

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