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Bor, Ambrus (Ambrose) (János Lukács) (Gödöllő, 31 October 1921 - Budapest, 18 May 1995) – Writer, literary translator, publicist. He was born into an Armenian family. His secondary education was at the Premonstrian High School of Gödöllő. He read Political Science at the University of Budapest and earned a Law Degree and a Ph.D. in 1943. His lawyer father was jailed for political reasons by the Communist authorities, and died there. Bor was in the army as a conscript (1944-1946). Between 1947 and 1963 he was a statistician at sugar factories. His cultural career started in 1963 as an Editor-in-Chief for the book-advertising newspaper of the Hungarian Book Publishers Center. From 1969 to 1982 he was Editor and later Editor-in-Chief for the Magvető Publishing Co. in Budapest. In the meantime he was a contributor to the literary review Life and Literature (Élet és Irodalom) and to the daily Hungarian Nation (Magyar Nemzet). His works include Glass Cabinet (Üvegszekrény) short stories (1966); Morion, novel (1983, Swedish 1986); The Violin from Meran (Merániai hegedű) novel (1991), and Eye (Szem), selected short stories (1997). He translated 61 foreign literary works into Hungarian. He was awarded a number of prizes, among them the Attila József Prize (1981), The High-Standard Prize of the European Book Publishers (1988, 1991), and the Austrian Reward-Prize (1992). – B: 0878, 1256, 1257, T: 7103.

Boráros, Imre (Emeric) (Pozsony, now Bratislava, Slovakia, 28 February 1948 - ) – Actor. His higher studies were completed at the Theater Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, Pozsony. Between 1965 and 1971 he was member of the Hungarian Regional Theater (Magyar Területi Színház – MATESZ). In 1971-1972 he worked as a dancer and singer. From 1972 to 1977 he was a member of the Thalia Stage, Kassa (now Kosice, Slovakia), then from 1977 on member of the Komarno troupe. He became member of the CSEMADOK (Czechoslovakian Hungarian Social and Cultural Alliance) in 1965. Between 1977 and 1989 he was member of the Drama Federation of Slovakia, and from 1990 a member of the Czechoslovak Actors’ Chamber. His major roles include Major in I. Örkény’s The Tóths (Tóték) (1974); Vladimir Viszockij in P. Siposhegyi’s Before I Became a Star (Mielőtt csillag lettem) (1988), and Péter Kádár in S. Márai’s Adventure (Kaland) (1990). He also appeared in Hungarian and Slovakian feature films. In the 1960s and 1970s he was on stage with his own dancing and singing programs, such as In the Neck of the Hour Glass (Homokóra nyakában), and From Prague to Cuba (Prágától Kubáig). Among his distinctions are: the Sylvanus Prize, the Best Performance Prize of Beyond the Border Hungarian Theaters Festival, the Silver Plaquette of the Merit of Order of Slovak Republic, and the Officer Cross of the Order of Merit of Republic of Hungary. B: 1038, 1890, T: 7103.

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