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Bolváry, Géza (Budapest, 26 December 1897 - Rosenheim, West Germany 10 August 1961) – Stage manager. He completed his studies in the Ludovika Military Academy. As a professional soldier he fought in World War I. In 1919 he worked in Budapest as an extra in the film industry, but got some parts also as a screen actor. In the Star Film Studio he was a contract playwright, later becoming stage manager. Together with his wife, Ilona Mattyasovszky, he opened a film school. At the end of 1923, he was called first to Munich, later to Berlin. His talents blossomed around 1930, at the beginning of the sound-film era. He was then directing films in Vienna, Budapest and Germany. He permanently settled in the Federal Republic of Germany following World War II. He was a master of musicals, comedies and sentimental operettas. His greatest achievements were such feature films as Lady with Two Faces (Kétarcú asszony) (1920); and Love at Spring (Tavaszi szerelem) (1921). Among his movies directed abroad are the Merry Ladies of Vienna (Bécsi víg asszonyok) (1931); Call Me and I Come (Hívjon és jövök) (1933); Opera Ball (Operabál) (1936); Destiny (Végzet) (1940), and Lonely Heart (Magányos szív) (1955). – B: 1206, T: 7685.→Ludovika Royal Hungarian Military Academy Mattyasovszky, Ilona; World War I.

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