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Bolvári, Antal (Anthony Bolvary) (Kaposvár, 6 May 1932 - ) – Swimmer and waterpolo player. He was aged two, when his family moved to Budapest; he started to swim at 14. It was the swimming teacher and master, Imre (Emeric) Sárosi, who noted his special abilities and became his trainer. As a swimmer, in the College Group he won two silver medals (1951), whereupon the big clubs tried to register him; but finally he joined the Honvéd Club from 1951 till 1956. Later he became a member of the Vasas SC Club (1962-1963), Budapest Spartacus (1963-1964), Ferencváros (1964-1969), and was a member of the Hungarian waterpolo selected team (1955-1968). At the last minute he got into the Olympic pool, and at 20 he was able to go to the Summer Olympics in Helsinki in 1952, where his team won the Olympic Championships. The same team also won the 1956 Summer Olympic Championships in Melbourne, where they fought a great battle with the Soviet Russian team. Following this, he and his wife stayed in the West, returning to Hungary in 1961. He became a trainer, first with the junior selected team (1971-1981), later with the adult selected team as well (1979-1981). He also won the European championship prize (1954) and was also twice Hungarian champion (1965, 1968), and was twice a cup-winning water-polo player (1965-1967). – B: 2115, T: 7456.

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