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Boldva, Reformed Church – A twin-steepled church originally built by the Benedictine Order, located in the center of the village Boldva. The first document about the church dates from 1203. There was a monastery beside the church, where the Funeral Oration and Prayer (Halotti Beszéd és Könyörgés) was written in the early part of the 14th century. There are some notes in the Pray Codex (liturgy book) from 1203: “monasterium S. Johannis B. comburitur iuxa Bolduam”. According to the records, the original monastery by the River Boldva, dedicated to John the Baptist, burned down. The last document about the monastery dates from 1270. Supposedly it was destroyed by the second Tartar-Mongolian invasion in 1285. The church was rebuilt in the 14th century. Later, the round foundation of the Gothic church with the contemporary St. Margaret Chapel was also found. It was one of the largest round churches in Hungary, built about 1175-1180. – B: 1153, T: 7663.→Funeral Oration and Prayer; Pray Codex.

Bolgár, György (George) (Budapest, 15 July 1946 - ) – Journalist, writer, poet. He studied at the University of Economics, Budapest (1964-1968). Till 1988 he worked at the news department of Hungarian Radio; from 1983 to 1987 he was also Program Director. In 1988-1992 he was a radio reporter in New York. In 1994-1995 he was Manager for the Helikon Publisher, Budapest; from 1995 Manager of the Radio Program Let Us Discuss It (Beszéljük meg). From 1971 his poems and short stories appeared regularly; and from 1978 his articles appeared in the literary review Life and Literature (Élet és Irodalom), and in the magazine New Mirror (Új Tükör). Since 1997 he has been Administrator of the Public Club (Nyilvánosság Klub). Since 2000 he is a member of the presidium of the Association of Hungarian Journalists (Magyar Újságírók Szövetsége). He is a popular writer in liberal circles. His works include Letter Secrets (Levéltitkok) poems (1981); Sometimes-diary (Néhanapló) short stories (1983); Death of the Deed (A tett halála) short novel (1987); New York Times Story (New York Times történet) (1994), and The Desire (A vágy), novel (2003). He received several prizes, including the Free Press Prize (2000). – B: 0874, 0878, 1257, T: 7103, 7456.

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