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BoldogasszonyMadonna, the Great.

BoldogkőváraljaFortress, presumably built after the Mongol-Tartar invasion (1241-1242), first mentioned in a 1282 document. Its original name was Castrum Boldua. It guarded the road to Kassa (now Kosice, Slovakia) and the valley of the Hernád River. The fortress exchanged hands many times. During the Ottoman-Turkish occupation of Hungary (1526-1686) it served as ransome for Pasha Achmet. The Drugeth family expanded the old castle. It was renovated in Gothic style towards the end of the 19th century. Its historical exploration took place between 1963 and 1964, when furnaces carved into the rock were found, which proved it to be the oldest site of bronze manufacturing in the Carpathian Basin. Now there is a tourist hotel in the restored wing of the castle. – B: 1205, T: 7103.→Mongol-Tartar Invasion; Turkish Rule in Hungary.

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