B bábi, Tibor

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Boldizsár, Iván (until 1934 Betlen) (Budapest, 30 October 1912 - Budapest, 22 December 1988) – Writer, journalist, literary translator, diplomat. He studied at the Medical School and the Faculty of Arts of the University of Budapest. In 1932 he was a contributor for the journals Anonym Notar (Névtelen Jegyző), the New Generation (Új Nemzedék) and the National Journal (Nemzeti Újság). In 1936 he worked for the Cserépfalvy Publishers, and from 1938 he was Editor for the Pester Lloyd. In World War II he was a POW in Russia. After returning home he was Editor-in-Chief for the newspaper Free Word (Szabad Szó), then of the New Hungary (Új Magyarország). He was a member of the Hungarian Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference in 1947 that led to a Treaty that truncated Historic Hungary again. After being Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1951 to 1959, he worked for various newspapers, including the Hungarian Nation (Magyar Nemzet), Monday Newspaper (Hétői Hírlap) and as Editor-in-Chief for the Hungarian International Pen Club. His works include Tiborc (1938); Winter Duel (Téli párbaj) (1949); The Philosopher Lion (A filozofus oroszlán) (1971); My Deaths (Halálaim) (1974); The School of Fear (A félelem iskolája) (1977); The Walking Statue (A sétáló szobor) (1978), and To Live Forever (Örökké élni) (1979). He translated works from German and French. With his pen he mainly served the reigning regime. He received a number of prizes including the Hungarian Liberty Order Silver Class (1947), the Attila József Prize (1970), the State Prize of Hungary (1975) and the Banner Order of the Peoples’ Republic of Hungary (1982). – B: 0884, 0878, 1257, T: 7103.→Paris Peace Treaty.

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