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Bolberitz, Pál (Paul) (Budapest, 15 September 1941 - ) – Roman Catholic priest, theologian, philosopher. He matriculated at the Ferenc Toldy High School, Budapest in 1959. He wanted to become a priest; but it was not approved by the State. He worked first as an antique dealer, then as a car mechanic. In 1961 he enrolled at the Seminary of Esztergom and was ordained in 1966. He was Chaplain in Szentendre, then at Pestszentimre (1968-1973), later Professor at the Seminary of Esztergom (1973-1978). In the meantime he studied Philosophy at the Gregorian University, Rome (1974). He became Professor of Philosophy and Dean at the Theological Academy of Budapest (1978-1993), Dean of the Theological Faculty of the Roman Catholic University (1994 – 1996), ecclesiastical judge (1976), titular abbot (1988), papal prelate (1988), President of the Hungarian Kolping Alliance, and Master Chaplain of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, as well as a member of the Editorial Board of the periodical New Hungary (Új Magyarország). His articles and essays are published in the periodicals Teologia, Vigilia, New Man (Új Ember). His books include Hope and Future (Reménység és jövő) (1972); God, Man, Religion in the Mirror of Christian Philosophical Thinking (Isten, Ember, Vallás a keresztény filozófiai gondolkodás tükrében) (1981); Existence and Cosmos (Lét és kozmosz) (1985); The Theology and Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Aquinói Szent Tamás filozófiája és teológiája) with Ferenc Gál (1987); God in Philosophy (Isten a filozófiában) (1991); Introduction to Logic (Bevezetés a logikába) (1998), and The Foundations of Metaphysics (A metafizika alapjai) (2000). He is a recipient of the Vilmos Fraknói Prize, the Széchenyi Prize, and the Middle Cross of Order of Merit with Star of the Republic of Hungary. – B: 0874, 0973, 0944, 1257, T: 7103.→Catholic Church in Hungary.

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