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Böjte, Csaba O.F.M. (Kolozsvár, now Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, now in Romania, 24 January 1959 - ) – Franciscan priest. He was an auto-electric mechanic and a miner. He secretly entered the Franciscan Order in 1982, during the oppressive Communist regime of Ceausescu, and studied Theology at the Catholic Theological Academy at Gyulafehérvár (now Alba Iulia, Romania) and in Esztergom, Hungary, and was ordained in 1989. He was Parish Priest in Szik (now Sic), Dés (now Dej), Marosvásárhely (now Targu-Mureş) and Déva (now Deva). He was the “Definitor”, i.e. supervisor of ecclesiastical
property for the Franciscan Province of Transylvania. In 1992 he founded the Franciscan Mission at Déva (Dévai Ferences Misszió) for destitute children. It has a school with some 400 students. The school provides education for the children in their own language, including religion and ethics. The Mission now runs seven centers for children in Transylvania, including a Kindergarten at Szászvár (now Orastie), and a school at Csángóföld in Moldavia, Romania. For the time being, more than 700 children are under the care of Böjte’s growing Mission. His mission work and the circle of supporters are growing. He is the founder of the St. Francis Foundation of Déva. His books include I Believe in the Final Victory of Love (Hiszek a szeretet végső győzelmében!) (2005); With God from Nothing Toward the Infinite (Istennel a semmiből a végtelen felé) (2006); Window unto the Infinite... (Ablak a végtelenre...) (2009); Road into the Infinite... (Út a végtelenbe...) (2010), and Compass to the Infinite... (Iránytű a végtelenhez...) (2011). His numerous distinction include the Man of the Year Prize (2004), Aphelandra Prize (2005), Man of the Patria Prize (2008), Middle Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (2010), and the Civi Europaeo Praemium (2011). – B: 0875, 1031, T: 7103.→Catholic Church in Romania; Csángós; Gypsies.

Bóka, László (Ladislas) (Budapest, 19 July 1910 - Budapest, 1 November 1964) – Writer, literary historian. He received his Teacher’s qualification in Hungarian, German and French Literature from University of Budapest, and until 1945, worked as a librarian. He participated in the Hungarian Resistance Movement during World War II. He served in the army at several different times from 1938 on. From April 1947 to August 1950 he was Administrative Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education, then Professor and Head of the Deptartment of History of 20th Century Hungarian Literature at the Faculty of Arts of Budapest University. From 1930 on he wrote for a number of journals and publishers, among them the Publisher Athenaeum, and Journals Hungarian Star (Magyar Csillag), West (Nyugat). In his writings he fought for and defended the progressive cultural life. He also wrote about education and child rearing, and on various problems of literary life. In addition to his scientific activity, he wrote a number of novels. For the third generation of the literary review publication West (Nyugat), he was an important verse and prose-writer with an individualistic style. His works include Ice World (Jégvilág), poems (1944); The New is Nicer (Szebb az új) poems (1950); The Carolingian Throne (A karoling trón) novel (1960), and Nandu, vols. i.ii, novel (1963). He carried out some important research studies as well. He was a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1953) and was awarded the Attila József Prize (1960). – B: 0883, 0878, 1257, T: 7456.

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