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Bőhm, Vilmos (William) (Budapest, 6 January 1880 - Stockholm, Sweden, 28 October 1949) – Politician. He trained as a typewriter mechanic and completed his high school studies privately. His political career started in the early trade union movement. From 1913 to 1919 he was one of the leaders of the Social Democratic Party. In October of 1918 he became Undersecretary in the Ministry of Defense responsible for demobilization of the army in the Károlyi cabinet. From July 1919 he was Minister of Defense in the Berinkey Cabinet. During the Council (Soviet) Republic he was Military Commissar and Commander-in-Chief of the Hungarian Red Army. Later he was Ambassador to Vienna and negotiated with the Entente representatives the overthrow of the Council (Soviet) Republic. He remained in Vienna and worked in a department store. Between 1934 and 1938 he lived in Czechoslovakia; later moved to Sweden and worked as press-reporter at the English Embassy in Stockholm. He returned to Hungary after 1945 and joined the right wing of the Social Democratic Party. From 1946 he was Ambassador of Hungary at Stockholm, Sweden, and did not return to Hungary. His books are: Hungarian Social Politics (Magyar szociálpolitika) (1918); Wartime Sins (A háborús korszak bűnei) (1919); The Origin and the Collapse of the Hungarian Council (Soviet) Republic (A Magyar Tanácsköztársaság keletkezése és összeomlása) (1920); Between the Fire of Two Revolutions (Két forradalom tüzében) (1923), and The Great Tragedy (A nagy tragédia) (1933). – B: 0883, 1031, 1122, T: 7103.→Council (Soviet) Republic of Hungary.

Bojta (Vajta) – He was a 9th century Cumenian (Kabar) chieftain who, with his tribe, joined Árpád south of Kiev (then Poland). According to the 12th century Chronicler, Anonymus, Bojta defeated Glád in collaboration with Zoárd and Kadocsa, and with the help of Ete, he occupied Baranyavár. He settled in the area of Sárvíz. His memory lives on in the name of the village Vajta. – B: 0942, T: 7668.→Cumenians; Kabars; Anonymus.

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