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Boglári, ZoltánHungarian Missionary in Swaziland.

Bognár, József (Joseph) (Szombathely, 5 February 1917 - Budapest ?, 3 November 1996) – Economist, politician. After 1945 he was a Smallholders’ Party (Kisgazda Párt) politician. In 1948 he became Acting President of the Smallholders’ Party. He was Minister of Information (1946-1947), Minister of Trade (1949-1956), and Deputy Prime Minister (October-November, 1956). From 1954 he taught at the University of Economics. In 1956 he was Deputy Prime Minister. During the years 1957 -1961, he was Dean of the University of Economics, Budapest. From 1961 he was President of the Institute of Cultural Relations, later Chief Director of the Economic Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and director of the Word Economic Research Institution. Between 1957 and 1990 he was President of the World Federation of Hungarians (Magyarok Világszövetsége). He organized the István Dobi Circle in the 1980s, where former Smallholders’ Party politicians met secretly. He was regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His books include New Forces and Currents in the International Economy (1975); The Perspectives of our Relations with the Developing Countries (1968); The Global Problems in an Interdependent World (1984), and Europe, the Link between East-West, North and South (1987). B: 1122, T: 7103.→Dobi, István; World Federation of Hungarians.

Bogomils – A heretical movement that originated in the Middle East, was active in the 10-12th centuries, and can be found today in Bulgaria, and the northern regions of the Balkan Peninsula. The movement also became popular in some regions of the Holy Roman Empire. They explained occurrences and incidents in nature as manifestations of the struggle between God’s two sons, Good and Evil. They regarded the social order and other institutions of the time as the work of Satan. In the 13th century their center was in Bosnia, and their teachings reached the southern parts of Hungary. Among the Hungarian kings Lajos I (Louis the Great), Zsigmond (Sigismund of Luxembourg) and Mátyás I (Matthias Corvinus) fought against them. – B: 1386, T: 3240.

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