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Bogdány, Jakab (Jacob) (Eperjes now Presov, Slovakia, cc.1660 - London, England, before 11 February 1724) – Painter. He studied painting in Vienna and Amsterdam (1684). Around 1690 he moved to London. In 1694 he was a court painter and worked for Queen Mary, William III and Queen Anne. He was excellent in painting still life, fruits, exotic flowers, and birds. His paintings include Birds of England (Angolország madarai), Red Lilies in a Vase (Vörös lliliomok vázában) and Fruit Still Life with Stone-vase (Gyömölcscsendélet kővázával). His paintings were bought by royalty and are now exhibited in museums in London, Stockholm and Budapest. – B: 0833, 0872, 1445, T: 7103.

Boglár, Lajos (Louis) (pseudonym: Belovits) (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1929 - Budapest, 23 September 2004) – Ethnologist. At the age of 13 he settled in Hungary. He completed his high school education and university studies in Budapest with a Degree in Ethnology in 1953, and a Ph.D. in 1969. He worked in the Ethnographical Museum in Budapest from 1953 until 1979, when he became a correspondent to the Orientalist Working Team of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and worked there till 1989. He gave lectures at the University of Budapest from 1975. In the position of reader in 1990, he established the Cultural Anthropology Department and gave lectures there until his retirement. He was President of the Hungarian Cultural Anthropological Society and the Brazilian-Hungarian Social Club. He organized a number of anthropological research trips to Latin America to study, among others, the Nambikuara Indians (1959), the Piaroa Tribe (1967-68, 1974), and the Wayana Indians between 1991 and 1997. The results of his investigations were published in several books: Amongst Tropical Indians (Tropusi indiánok között); Wahari; Myth and Culture (Mitosz és kultura). There are several hundred recordings of sounds and voices and several thousand photographs; as well, a number of documentary films make up his archives. From 1962 he prepared several documentary films: Woman Carnival (Asszonyfarsang), Tub ship (Bödönhajó), and in 1997 he prepared the film Hungarians in Brazil (Magyarok Braziliában). He was a recipient the Soros Foundation Prize in 1999. – B: 0874, 1636; T: 7456.

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