B bábi, Tibor

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Bogár, László (Ladislas) (Miskolc, 22 April 1951 - ) – Economist, writer. After graduating from the György Kilián High School, Miskolc in 1969, he was admitted in the same year to the University of Economics, Budapest, where he obtained a Degree in Economics in 1973. From 1974 to 1975 he worked as a scientific co-worker at the Technical University of Miskolc. From 1975 he worked at the Planning Department of the City Council, Miskolc. In 1986 he obtained his Ph.D. in Economics, and moved to Budapest. Until 1989 he held various positions at the Patriotic People’s Front (Hazafias Népfront). Between 1989 and 1991 he was a columnist at the newspaper Credit (Hitel). In 1987 he was one of the founding members of the Hungarian Democratic Forum (Magyar Demorata Fórum) (MDF) and participated in planning its economic program. In 1990 he became a Member of Parliament. Between 1990 and 1994 he was Political Undersecretary in the Ministry of International Economics. He again was a Member of Parliament from 1994, and worked in a number of parliamentary committees, and was also a deputy member of the delegation to the Parliament of the European Union. In 1996 he left MDF and participated in the creation of the Hungarian Democratic People’s Party (Magyar Demokrata Néppárt – MDNP) fraction. From 2002 he has been teaching at the Gáspár Károli Reformed University, Budapest, and is a leading economist of Hungary. Among his books are The Price of Development (A fejlődés ára) (1983); Attempts of Breakout (Kitörési kísérletek) (1989); Hungary and the Globalization (Magyarország és a globalizáció) (2003); Challenges and Vision of the Future in the XXI Century (Kihívások és jövőkép a XXI. században) (2005); The Liquidaton of Hungary (Magyarország felszámolása) (2008), and the Fall of the System-change (A rendszerváltás bukása (2010). – B: 0878, 1608, T: 7103.

Bogát – Tribal leader at the time of the Carpathian settlement era (early 10th century). In 921, when King Berengar of Italy was facing a revolt by his subjects, he asked Hungary for help, and a Hungarian contingent, led by Bogát and Tarhos, was dispatched to the King’s aid. The Hungarians laid waste to the land of the king’s rebellious subjects and killed many of them, securing the throne for Berengar. Anonymus, the 12th century Hungarian Chronicler regarded Bogát and Bulcsu as the same person. The memory of Bogát is preserved in the founding charter of the monastery of Tihany of 1055, recording him as “Bagat mezee”, while his name lives on in Bogát, a town in Vas, and the Somogy County towns of Alsóbogát and Felsőbogát. – B: 0942, T: 3233.

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