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Bodrog Interstice (Bodrogköz) – This is a small and a unique 500 km² land area in the far northeastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain (Nagyalföld). This lowland region lies between the rivers Bodrog, Tisza and Latorc. The southern part belongs to Hungary; its upper part has belonged to Slovakia since 1920. An old cemetery, excavated by archeologists in 1986, yielded significant artefacts consisting of objects the early Hungarians brought with them from their previous homeland, Etelköz, in the Black Sea region. The findings comprised decorated hilts and daggers, quivers, bows, fitted belts, splendid harnesses, gold and silver jewelry, ornaments, Italian and Arabic coins, pearls, and goldplated headpieces. Mainly Hungarians (Magyars) inhabited the area and they were able to preserve their ancient folk culture due to its geographical isolation. – B: 1204, T: 7103.→Etelköz.

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