B bábi, Tibor

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Bodrogi, Gyula (Julius) (Budapest, 15 April 1934 - ) – Actor, stage manager, theater-manager. He started as a folkdancer. He studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art, Budapest (1958). He joined the Attila József Theater (József Attila Színház), Budapest, and was a member until 1982. From then on he was Director of the Gaiety Stage (Vídám Színpad) and from 1996, its manager. He was excellent in character roles in classical and modern plays. He successfully appeared in plays, where there was scope for his musical talent and humor. From 1975 he taught at the Academy of Dramatic Art. His important roles include Tristan in Lope de Vega’s The Gardener’s Dog (El Perro del
Hortelano – A kertész kutyája);
D’Artagnan in Duma’s The Three Muskeeters (A három testőr); Truffaldino in Goldini’s Servant of Two Masters (Arlecchino servitore di due padroni, Két úr szolgája); Shakepeare’s Richard II; Peacock in Brech-Weill’s The Threepenny Opera (Die Dreigroschenoper – Koldusopera); Gábor Borsos in Csurka’s The Great Clean-up (Nagytakaritás); Robert in Camelotti’s Boeing Boeing (Leszállás Párizsban); Lord McKinsely in Jacobi’s The Marriage Market (Leányvásár), and the French king in Kacsóh’s Hero John (János vitéz). His feature film roles include Suburban Legend (Külvárosi Legenda); Smugglers (Csempészek); Dreamless Years (Álmatlan évek); Alba Regia; Guns and Doves (Puskák és galambok); Swan Song (Hattyúdal); Titania, Romeo, Julia and the Darkness (Rómeo, Júlia és a sötétség); Jaguar, Direction Mexico (Jaguar, Irány Mexikó); Linda (series), as well as shows and cabarets. He stage-managed plays as well, among them Feydeau’s The Cat Sack (Zsákbamacska), Balzac-Kaló’s Droll Stories (Pajzán históriák); Katajev-Aldobolyi Nagy’s Crazy Sunday (Bolond vasárnap); Fekete Sándor’s Secret of Lilla’s Villa (A Lilla villa titka); Görgey’s Draughty House (Huzatos ház), M. Lengyel’s Ninocska; Magnier’s The Smile of Mona Marie (Mona Marie mosolya). Bo Vo Bo is the title of his record. He wrote stage adaptations, and a book: The Hunter Sometimes Cooks, too (A vadász néha főz is). He is a recipient of the Jászai Mari Prize (1962, 1967), the Merited Artist title (1973), the Outstanding Artist title, (1983), the Officer Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (1996), and the Prima Prize (2012). He is the Actor of the Nation (2007) – B: 0874, 1031, 1439, T: 7103.

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