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Bodó, Sándor (Alexander) (Szamosszegi) (Szamosszeg, 13 February 1920 - ) – Painter. He was born into a peasant family. Following his enlistment in the army he had an opportunity to attend the School of Arts and Crafts. He married his old schoolmate Ilona (Helena) Bodó. He wrote an anti-Communist text on a poster he was preparing that was originally meant to cajole people to buy Peace Loan Bond (Békekölcsön) in support of the Communist regime. Bodo got arrested on August 1955 but was released on 30 October 1956 during the Revolution. In December 1956 he left Hungary with his wife and a baby boy for the US and settled in Washington. They became American citizens in 1963, and in the same year they established the Bodo's Art Studio in Nashville, IN. In 1965, during the renovation of the White House in Washington, D.C., they were commissioned to restore its French paintings. This job inspired them to paint pictures with topics of the history of wars. In 1999 the Bodós moved back to Hungary. They opened the Bodó Art Salon and were involved in painting and exhibitions. In 2002, some of their 200 pictures and 24 plaques were exhibited. His wife Ilona (Helen) Bodó died soon afterwards. In early 2006 the artist donated nine of their historical paintings to the Museum of Military History, Budapest including The Siege of the Fortress of Eger (Az egri vár osroma); Retaking Castle Buda from the Turks (Buda visszafoglalása a töröktől), and The Escape (A menekülés). In 2008 there was an exhibition of Bodó’s picures at Felsőzsolca. B: 1579, T: 7103.

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