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Bodoky, Richárd (Biberauer) (Budapest, 6 August 1908 - Budapest, 9 January 1996) – Minister of the Reformed Church, theologian, writer, translator of literary works. After completing his secondary education, he continued his studies at the University of Budapest. For the 1928-1929 semester he was able to study on a French scholarship at Strassbourg. Through his family connections he often visited Switzerland and the Netherlands and learnt German, French, English and Dutch. In 1932 he became Pastor at the Deaconate Institute (Diakonissza Intézet) of Budapest. As a result of his activities the deaconate service gathered strength until the persecutions and the outbreak of World War II. During the anti-Semitic and racial persecutions he worked actively in the rescuing and aiding service and established at Noszvaj (northeast of Eger) an orphanage for the children of forced labor workers. The motherhouse developed into a refuge for the politically persecuted. In the meantime he was President of the Hungarian Evangelical Christian Student Association (Magyar Evangéliumi Keresztyén Diákszövetség – MEKDSZ). In 1948 he was a member of the Hungarian delegation at the World Council of Churches – WCC (Egyházak Világtanácsa – EVT), Amsterdam. During and after the war years he worked as Director of the Deaconate Institute in Hungary until its dissolution in 1951. Subsequently he became Director of Bethesda Charitable Institute. For his charitable work during the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight he was thanked by the presidium; then on 1 March 1959, he was discharged and posted as Assistant Minister to the Congregation of Zugló, a northeast suburb of Budapest, and was not allowed to travel abroad. Later on he was employed as a co-worker at the newly established Reformed Synod Office and as such, he was able to travel and lecture abroad. He and his work went largely unnoticed in Hungary. He worked at the weeklies, Reformed Life (Reformatus Élet) and Christian Family (Keresztyén Család), and later the combination of the two: Life and Future (Élet és Jövő), in which he wrote articles and was also a member of the editorial boards. He was the representative of Hungary for the journal Glaube in der zweiten Welt published in Switzerland, dealing with the Christian life of eastern countries. His books include Mother House Deaconate in the Church (Anyaházi diakónia az Egyházban) and Life and Work of Livingstone (Livingstone élete és munkássága). He translated Stanley’s book: Christ on the Highway of India (Krisztus India országútján) with Dezső László; and with Teofil Spoerli: The Sin (A bűn). He received an Honorary Doctorate from the Reformed Theological Faculty of the University of Budapest in 1992. – B: 1942, T: 7456.

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