B bábi, Tibor

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Bodnár, Gábor (Gabriel) (Miskolc, 9 September 1920 - Garfield, NJ, USA, 22 December 1996) – Boy Scout leader. He completed his elementary and high school studies at his birthplace. He joined the Boy Scouts in 1935, became a Boy Scout officer in 1939, and was elected member of the Boy Scout Great Council in 1942. He attended the Royal Ludovika Military Academy. In early 1945 he was evacuated with his military unit to the West. In Germany he worked for the reorganization of the Hungarian Boy Scout movement that was banned in Hungary in 1948, and soon became Commanding Officer of the Hungarian Boy Scout Alliance abroad and was its Acting President between 1961 and 1994. In 1951 he moved to the USA and settled in Garfield, NJ. His home became headquarters of the reorganized Boy Scout movement resulting in 80 active groups with 5,000 members in 14 countries. He successfully maintained the continuity of the movement. After 40 years in exile, following the collapse of Communism, the movement was revived in Hungary in 1989, as well as in the neighboring countries with large Hungarian population. He received the Middle Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary in 1992. – B: 1037, T: 7103.→Ludovika Royal Hungarian Military Academy; Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in Hungary.

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