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Bod, Péter (Felsőcsernáton, now Cernat, Romania, 22 February, 1712 - Magyarigen, now Ighiu, Romania, 2 March, 1769) – Minister of the Reformed Church, historiographer. He came from an untitled noble Szekler family. His education began at the Reformed College of Nagyenyed (now Aiud, Romania) in 1724. Between 1729 and 1732, he taught at Nagybánya (now Baia Mare, Romania); thereafter he returned to the College of Nagyenyed, where he was librarian in 1736; then, in 1737, he became an assistant teacher. From 1740 to 1742 he studied at the University of Leiden, Holland, where he read Theology and Eastern Languages. Following his return he became Court Preacher to Countess Kata Bethlen; from 1746 he also served the Olthéviz (now Hoghiz, Romania) congregation. In 1749 he became Minister in Magyarigen, where he served to the end of his life. He also filled higher ecclesiastical offices. His literary activities embraced theology and literary history. His works include History of the Holy Bible (A szent bibliának históriája) (1748); History of God’s Militant Church (Az Isten vitézkedő anyaszentegyháza állapotának históriája) (1760); Historia universitorum in Transylvania (1776); Historia Hungarorum Ecclesiastica vols. i-iii (1888-1890); the Hungarian Athenas (Magyar Athenás) (1766) is the first literary history in the Hungarian language. It includes important details of 485 Hungarian writers, their life stories together with the list of their works and some criticism but mostly praise. Even today it is a much-used source book. He was the forerunner of the Age of Enlightenment in Hungary. – B: 0931, 1257, T: 7103.→Bethlen, Countess Kata Árva; Fogaras, Runic Inscriprion in Church; Bod Codex; Hungarian Runic Script.

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