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Bocskor Codex – Handwritten songbook assembled between 1716 and 1739. János (John) Bocskor collected most of it at Csíkszentlélek (now Leliceni, Romania) and hence it is named after him. There are many songs of outstanding value among the 80 or so that make up the collection. Most notable are the lyrics from the Kuruc era – the times of Prince Ferenc (Francis) Rákóczi II. There is a version of the laments about the battles of Moonlight and Feketehalom; Pál Csinom (Csinom Palkó), and A Wandering Highwayman (Egy bujdosó szegény legény). Two of the historic songs are about the battles with the Tartars in 1657. The collection also has a large number of love songs, mostly from the 17th century which, like the songbooks of Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania), are of great traditional value. Also of literary merit are the student songs in Hungarian and Latin. The Codex is now kept in the library of the University of Kolozsvár (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania). – B: 1150, T: 7659.→Codex Literature; Rákóczi II, Prince Ferenc; Kuruc.

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