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Bocskai, Prince István, Death of

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Bocskai, Prince István, Death of (Stephen) – There is a poetic reflection in four Hungarian songs on the death of the great ruler of Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania) in 1606. Although their authors remain unknown, all four have survived in manuscript form. The most valuable among them is the one beginning “Mély álomba merült…” (He sank into a deep sleep…) in that the merits of the dead hero are enumerated with great poetic flair. Its author acknowledges belonging to the “unpaid servants”, the “ragamuffins” (Hajdúk) of István (Stephen) Bocskai and condemns the pomp of the gentlemen attending the funeral. Another song is a farewell poem narrated in the first person: the Reigning Prince speaking about himself. Two songs are about Chancellor Mihály (Michael) Kátay, who was accused of poisoning Bocskai and was lynched. – B: 1136, T: 7659.→Bocskai, Prince István; Hajdú.

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