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Blue Slip Election – A nickname of the 1947 fraudulent elections in Hungary that secured the victory of the Communist Party. The Elections Act allowed certain itinerant workers such as railway personnel, election supervisors etc. to vote elsewhere than their place of residency. These persons received “blue slips”, authorizing them to vote wherever they wanted. Tens of thousands of additional blue slips were printed illegally. They were used en masse by workers and party members traveling in groups, to vote at many different places. This maneuver was discovered and came under protest by other parties. The official report mentioned only 62,980 fraudulent ballots; however, the true number was estimated to be between 200 and 300 thousand. - B: 0899, T: 7103.→Karig, Sára; Hungary, History of.

Bő Clan – One of the original Hungarian clans to settle in the Carpathian Basin. It was ahead of the Bogát and Bulcsu clans. The family headquarters were in County Somogy, in the village of Bő at present Alsóbőpuszta. They took no part in the Koppány uprising, therefore King István I (St Stephen, 977-1038) did not punish them. In Zelicse the village of Bőszénfa, in Rábaköz the town of Bősárkány are reminders of this clan. – B: 1078, T: 7685.

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