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Blaskovics, József (Joseph) (Imely, now Imel, Slovakia, 12 June 1910 - Prague, 6 July 1990) – Linguist, specialist in Turkic studies, and translator of literary works. He completed his high-school education in 1930, obtained a teacher’s diploma (Dip.Ed.) in 1931, and taught in primary schools with Hungarian as the language of instruction in an ethnically Hungarian region of Slovakia. He obtained a Teacher’s Degree in 1938 in Mathematics and Physics. He taught at the High School of Galánta (now Galanta, Slovakia) between 1939 and 1945. In 1943 he obtained a Degree from the Szeged Teachers’ College and enrolled in Hungarian and Turkic studies with Lajos (Louis) Fekete and Gyula (Julius) Németh at the University of Budapest. In 1946-1947 he catalogued the Turkish, Arabic and Persian manuscripts in the Central Library of the University of Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slovakia), and took up Turkic studies at the University of Prague. From 1947 to 1949 he taught mathematics and physics at the High School of Főrév (now Prievoz, Slovakia). In 1949 he obtained a Degree in Turkic and Magyar Studies from the University of Prague, received his Ph.D. in 1950. In the same year he founded the modern Faculty of Turkic Studies at the University of Prague and was Professor there from 1962 to 1975. In 1962, he was a visiting professor at the University of Istanbul. Between 1953 and 1977 he conducted the Hungarian culture and language courses of Radio Prague for 12,000 students. His fields of research were Hungarian grammar, historical phonetics, as well as finding Turkish documents of the era of Ottoman Turkish occupation of Hungary. He also researched the Ottoman Turkish language and modern Turkish literature. He has about 230 published works and about 50 translations to his credit. These include Entwicklung und Erfolge der gegenwärtigen türkischen Literatur in Acta Universitatis Carolinae Orientalia (Development and results of the present Turkish literature in Acta Universitatis Carolinae Orientalia) (1965); Beiträge zur Lebensgeschichte des Köprülü Mehmed (1960), and Some Toponyms of Turkic Origin (Contributions to the life-history of Köprülü Mehmed)(1960), and Some Toponyms of Turkic Origin) (1973), both in Acta Orientalia, Budapest; Chapters from the History of the District of Rimaszombat (now Rimavská Sobota) (Fejezetek a rimaszombati járás történetéből) Pozsony (1968); papers in Studia Turcica (1971) and Archivum Ottomanicum (1974); Textbook of the Hungarian Language (A magyar nyelv tankönyve) (1955, 3rd. ed. 1957); Arabische, türkische und persische Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek in Bratislava (Arabic, Türkish, and Persian Manuscripts at the University Library of Bratislava) (1961); Textbook of the Turkish Language (A török nyelv tankönyve) (1964, 2nd ed. 1970), and Érsekújvár (now Nové Zámky) under Turkish Occupation 1663-1685 (Érsekújvár a török megszállás alatt 1663-1685) (1985). As well, he translated from Turkish into Hungarian the Tárih-i Üngürüsz (The Story of the Magyars), written during the Ottoman Turkish occupation of Hungary (1541-1686) by a Tukish interpreter by the name of Mahmud Terdzsüman. The book was published first in Hungary in 1982, then in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1988. – B: 1083, 1890, T: 7456.→Tárih-i Üngürüsz; Fekete, Lajos (2); Német, Gyula.

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