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Blága, Károly (Charles) (Gyimesközéplok, now Lunca de Jos, Szekler part of Transylvania in Romania, 1931 - ) – Folk dancer. He is a son of a humble farmer family of 10 children, a good-humored family, where everybody wanted to dance. His mother sang songs, to which the children usually danced, the older ones teaching the younger ones, especially the tricky Gyimes Dance (consisting of 32 figurations). He started school in 1937, and completed primary school (5 years) at the top of the class. He enjoyed studying, all in Hungarian. He never went to a Romanian school. He had to spend 39 months in the army, which really meant forced labor in building construction, mines, road bitumen work; he understood the others talking to him in Romanian, but he could not speak the language. Thereafter he was sent to high school at Csíkszereda (now Miercurea Ciuc, Romania), but he dropped out, left home, was adopted by his childless godfather, with whom, after 6 years, he fell out; then he lost his mother. He got married in 1956. In 1948 (aged 17) he and others in the village formed a dance ensemble. In 1974 another dance ensemble was created, with him as the leader (by then 43); they used to have competitions with the dance ensemble of the nearby town Csíkszereda; in these competitions their dance group from the little village used to get second prize. To earn a living he worked in the tractor factory of Csíkszereda. His wife became ill, and died in 1989. He remarried, choosing a little widow from the nearby village of Felsőlok (now Lunca de Sus, Romania). It was in 1982 that he had the experience of seeing Hungary for the first time; after 1990 he often went across, and performed not only in Budapest, but also in numerous country towns, featuring his favorite Gyimes type of dancing that cannot be taught, it is inborn. In 2003 he was named as “folk-art master”, and received a bronze medal and a pension from the Hungarian government. He continues to present his 32 figures of the Gyimes Dance at dance performances. – B: 1951, 7456, T: 7456.

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