B bábi, Tibor

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Bíró, Zoltán (Budapest, 21 April 1941 - ) – Literary historian, writer, politician. He grew up in Pesterzsébet (a southeast suburb of Budapest); after completing high school, he was a research worker at the House of Culture of Dabas, halfway between Budapest and Kecskemét on the Great Plain; later on he worked as Director of the district library. He spent a year as an unskilled laborer, while studying Arts at the University of Budapest, where he obtained an Arts Degree. For a while he was working as a teacher; and worked in the section headed by the Professor of Law, Tibor Király at the Ministry of Education. When Imre (Emeric) Pozsgay took over the portfolio of Culture, he appointed Biró to be Head of the Department of Literature and Press. Here he often and seriously clashed with the cultural party politics led by György (George) Aczél. As a result, he had to leave this position after two years. Thereafter he became Director of the Petőfi Literary Museum; but due to his opposition to the policy of the Central Party and his writings published in journals, he was forced to leave. For the following twenty years he worked as a teacher of 20th Century Hungarian Literature at the Teachers’ College of Szeged. He obtained his Masters Degree in 1994; the title of his dissertation was: The “Third way” and its Post-1945 Answer’s Range of Ideas(A „harmadik út" és az 1945. utáni Válasz gondolatköre"). He participated in the preparatory work in organizing the Lakitelek Convention of the Hungarian Democratic Forum (Magyar Demokrata Forum – MDF). He was also a member of the presidium of the MDF, later becoming its first Executive President. Prior to the first free elections he resigned from his position as President and afterwards he left the MDF as well. Together with Imre Pozsgay he launched the National Democratic Council (Nemzeti Demokrata Szövetség), working as its Co-President until the winding-up of the Party. He was editor of the bi-weekly journal Credit (Hitel) from the fall of 1988, when it was launched, until 1992. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Gábor Bethlen Foundation (Bethlen Gábor Alapítvány). Lately he has been heading the National Political Society (Nemzetpolitikai Társaság) together with Sándor Lezsák and the academic István (Stephan) Lovas. He was one of the determining figures of the change in the political system of 1989-1990. His books include Personal Road (Saját út) (1988); Wilted Revolution (Elhervadt forradalom) (1993); Fate-poetry of Endre Ady (Ady Endre sorsköltészete) (1998), and Two Generations (Két nemzedék) (2001). – B: 0874, 1941, T: 7456.→Lakitelek, Consultation at; Pozsgay, Imre; Aczél, György; Antall József; Lezsák, Sándor; Hungarian Democratic Forum; Király, Tibor; Lovas, István (1).

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