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Bíró, László József (Ladislas Joseph) (Budapest, 29 September 1899 - Buenos Aires, Argentina, 24 November 1985) – Journalist, inventor, designer of the ballpoint pen. Initially he studied medicine at the University of Budapest. He was also a graphologist, car racer, insurance agent, painter and sculptor. He edited the artistic journal Hongrie (Magyarország) then worked for the newspaper Forward (Előre). In 1939 he emigrated to Argentina. His main invention was the ballpoint pen. The idea came from his journalist days by observing the rotary cylinders of the printshop. He created a pen with its hand-held ink-filled tube that transferred the ink through a rolling ball to the paper. He patented it in Hungary under the name of Exact in 1938. Andor (Andrew) Goy made the first sample in Budapest. Its advanced form was patented under the name Enterpren in 1943, and the pen was on the market in Argentina in 1945. A French company was established for its production under the name BIC (Biro Crayon). The inexpensive and popular ballpoint pen is known simply as Biro pen in many parts of the world and brought him fame. From 1950 some 100 milliard Biro pens were sold. There are 22 inventions to his credit. Bíró’s book is entitled Silent Revolution (Csendes forradalom) (1975). Inventors’ Day in Agentina is celebrated on his birthday. – B: 1203, T: 7674, 7677.→Ballpoint Pen.

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