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Biró, Lajos (1) (Louis) (Blau) (Vienna, 22 August 1880 - London, 9 September 1948) – Writer, playwright, journalist. His childhood was spent in County Heves on the Great Hungarian Plain, while his high-school education was completed at Eger and Budapest. He started out as a journalist. First he worked at the magazine Freedom (Szabadság), Nagyvárad (now Oradea, Romania). It was there that he formed a close friendship with the great lyric poet Endre Ady. He was the first to recognize and spread the poet’s greatness in literary circles. In 1905 he joined the Budapest paper Diary (Napló) and soon became its Executive Editor. He left his position in 1907, moved to Berlin, and only returned to Budapest in 1909. First he joined the newspaper The News (Az Újság); and in the fall of 1913 he became a correspondent for the newspaper World (Világ). In 1914 he took part in the foundation of the Radical Civic Party (Polgári Radikális Párt). He was appointed Undersecretary of State for External Affairs in the post World War I Cabinet of Count Mihály (Michael) Károlyi. During the 1919 Hungarian Council (Soviet) Republic, he was a member of the Writers’ Directory and President of the Writers’ Trade Union. After the fall of the Communist Republic he was forced to emigrate. He lived in Vienna, Rome, Paris, then Berlin, and finally in London. During the second half of his career he scored great successes and world fame with film-scripts. First he wrote for film companies in the USA, and later for Sándor (Sir Alexander) Korda’s (S. Kellner’s) London Film Company, and remained its contributor until his death. He was a talented dramatist, novelist and an outstanding representative of the bourgeois radical literature and political writing. The influence of the naturalistic school left its mark on the early development of his career. His works include The Triumphant Woman (A diadalmas asszony) novel (1910); The Knight of the Holy Ghost (A Szentlélek lovagja) novel (1914); Don Juan’s Three Nights (Don Juan három éjszakája) novel (1917); Yellow Lily (Sárga liliom) play (1910, film script, 1914); The Czarina (A cárnő) play (1912); Hotel Imperial, play (1917, film-script 1918, abroad 1926, 1935, 1943) and The Private Life of Henry VIII (VIII Henrik magánélete), filmscript 1933). – B: 0883, 1068, 1257, T: 7456.→Ady, Endre; Károlyi, Count Mihály; Council (Soviet) Republic; Korda, Sir Alexander.

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