B bábi, Tibor

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Bíró, András Zsolt (Andreas) (Budapest, 10 May, 1972 - ) – Anthropologist, human-biologist. He graduated from the György Dózsa High School, Budapest, in 1990. His higher studies were at the University of Budapest, where he studied biology and geography (1991-1995) and biology (1995-1999). In 1999 he obtained his Degree in Anthropology and Human Biology. He works as a researcher at the Anthopological Collection of the Hungarian Museum of Natural Science. He organizes and leads expeditions beyond the Carpathian Basin. In 2007 he was the organizer and leader of the first expedition to the Hungarian-(Magyar) related Madjar-Magyar Kurultay people in Kazakhstan, for which he received an award from the Minister of Culture of Kazakhstan in 2007. His 17 expeditions include Middle-Anatolia (Turkey, 1998), Csángó-land (Moldova, Romania, 2001), Dobrudja (East Romania, 2005), Khirgiztan (Issik Kul, 2007), and Baskiria, and the Middle and South Ural region (Russia). Among his publications are: Bíró, A. Zs., with others: Anthopologial Analysis of the 11th-12th Karcsa-Kormoska Cemeteries, in Biological Symposium (2005); Bíró, A.Zs és mások: Karcsa-Kormoska XI-XII századi temető antropológiai elemzése. (2005), in: Korsós, Z. (ed.), IV. (Kárpát-medencei Biológiai Szimpózium), Bíró A. Zs.: Expedition in the Region of the Madjar Tribe of Kazakhstan. Anthropological and Genetical Examination of the Madjar Tribe of Kazakhstan (Expedíció a kazakisztáni Madjar törzs területén A kazakisztáni Madjar törzs antropológiai és genetikai vizsgálata) in: Eleink (Magyar Ancient Historical Publication) (2007). – B: 1960, T: 7103.→Khazakstan, Hungarians in.

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