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Biosphere Reservations – Internationally recognized nature conservation areas preserving ecologically valuable land units corresponding to National Parks in the United States, in some respects similar to ecological reserves in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. In Hungary, these include the Hortobágy National Park in northeastern Hungary that preserves the “Puszta” ecosystem; the Aggtelek National Park protects the karsts landscape; Lake Fertő in Western Hungary safeguards the marshlands; and the Pilis Land Protection district north of Budapest protects the Danube Bend and the area’s rolling hills. – B: 1153, 1020, T: 7656.→Hortobágy.

Birk Codex – Dated 1474, the only Codex to survive in the original manuscript form of the translator. It consists only of a few pages, but is a valuable Hungarian literary record. The Codex contains the regulations for nuns introduced by St Augustine and St Dominic, originally translated by Pál Váci (Paulus de, Provincial of the Wacia), Hungarian Dominicans of Margaret Island (Margit Sziget in the River Danube within Budapest) for the Dominican nuns living there. It was discovered in the Court Library of Vienna and was named after the director of the library. – B: 0942, 1150, T: 7659.→Codex Literature.

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