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Bihar Region of Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania) – Large area of approximately 10,000 km2 immediately east of the Great Plain (Nagyalföld) encompassing the foothills and central mountainous regions of Transylvania. Under the kings of the Árpád Dynasty (896-1301) the area was referred to as ‘Bihar country’. It includes the valleys of the Körös and Berettyó rivers as they descend to the Great Plain from the mountainous center of Transylvania. During the reign of the kings of the House of Árpád, this area was mostly uninhabited. An important cultural, religious and administrative town, Nagyvárad (now Oradea, Romania) developed at the junction of the Great Plain and the Bihar Mountain Complex. King St. László I (St Ladislas, 1077-1095) of the Árpád Dynasty established Nagyvárad as the easternmost Roman Catholic archbishopric in the Carpathian Basin. St. László’s legacy is strongly associated with this region. Hungarians now represent only a minority in this area, for as a result of the Versailles-Trianon Peace Dictate of 1920, a large part of the region was ceded to Romania. – B: 1134, 1020, T: 7656, 7456.→Catholic Church in Romania; László I, King.

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