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Bibó, Lajos (Louis) (Hódmezővásárhely, 20 December 1890 - Hódmezővásárhely, 27 October 1972) – Writer, journalist. Worked for the following newspapers: The Fire of Szeged (A Szegedi Tűz); Environs of Szeged (Szeged Vidéke); then at the papers Dawn (Virradat), National Newspaper (Nemzeti Újság), Budapest Newspaper (Budapesti Újság) and Evening News (Esti Újság). He was noted mainly for his writings about the peasantry, such as My Mother (Anyám) (1928); Storm Sowers (Viharvetők) (1933); The Swamp (A láp) (1944) and his plays: The Inheritance (A juss) (1925); Zsigmond Báthory (1927); Esther (Eszter) (1937); Eagle’s Nest (Sasfészek) (1940); The Blamables (Hibások) (1942); Sun Spots (Napfoltok) (1944), and Sheepskin Coaters (Subásak) (1968). His books were popular prior to 1945. – B: 0878, 0879, 1257, T: 7103.

Bicsérdy, Béla (Budapest, 20 March 1872 - Billings, MT, USA, 7 December 1951) – Nutritionist. He discovered and popularized a natural therapy that was named after him. He was educated in Fogaras, Transylvania (now Făgăras, Romania). Later he popularized his individual nourishment and vegetarian system all over the country in the Hungarian and Romanian languages. In 1925 his followers published a newspaper in Petrozsény (now Petrosani, Romania) with the title Bicsérdizmus. Eventually he emigrated to the United States where he founded a church. His life ended tragically when one of his followers shot him dead in his own church. – B: 0832, T: 7660.

Bicskey, Károly (Charles) (Budapest, 29 January 1920 - ) – Actor, stage manager. He completed his studies at the Academy of Dramatic Art of Budapest in 1943; and while a student, joined the National Theater (Nemzeti Színház), Budapest (1943). He also acted at the National Theater of Pécs (Nemzeti Színház) (1944) and at the Art Theater (Művész Színház) (1945). From 1947 he worked at the Medgyasszay Theatre, from 1948 at the Hungarian Theater (Magyar Színház), Budapest. From 1949 to 1980 he acted at other theaters in the country, among them the theaters of Miskolc, Debrecen, Kecskemét, Szeged, Győr, Veszprém, Békéscsaba and Pécs. His acting is characterized by a sincere, credible and memorable presentation of his roles. He appeared in many classic and modern plays, as well as in operas and operettas. His main roles include Almaviva in Beaumarchais’ Marriage of Figaro (Figaró házassága); Ádám and Lucifer in Madách’s The Tragedy of Man (Az ember tragédiája); Ottó, Biberach and Bánk, Petur in Katona’s Bánk bán; Caesar in Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra, and Boss Finlay in A. Miller’s Sweet Bird of Youth (Az ifjúság édes madara). He appeared in feature films, such as Somewhere in Europe (Valahol Európában); Dialogue (Párbeszéd); The Witness (A tanú). He stagemanaged plays, such as Jókai’s Golden Man (Aranyember); Katona’s Bánk bán; Sardou’s Let's Get a Divorce (Váljunk el); Strauss’s The Gypsy Baron (A cigánybáró). There are more than 25 featrure and TV films to his credit including Hot Fields (Forró mezők) (1949); The Dialogue (A párbeszéd) (1963); The Witness (A tanú) (1969), and the Devictus Vincit (TV 1994). He received the Mari Jászai Prize (1955), the Kisfaludy Prize (1962), and the Pro Urbe Prize (1970). – B: 0874, 1439, 1445, T: 7103.

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