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Bezerédi, Imre (Emeric) (Sárospatak, 17 December 1679 -Sárospatak, 1708) – Brigadier of the Kuruc forces (name for the Hungarian insurgents). He was a popular and heroic fighter of the Rákóczi Uprising against the Habsburgs (1703-1711). He fought mostly in Transdanubia (Dunántúl) and became well known for his heroism. During the fall of 1707, through the intervention of Imperial Field Marshal Count János (John) Pálffy, he began secret negotiations with the Viennese Court. Although they agreed on the conditions of the changeover on the 7th December of the same year, he only decided to do so in August 1708. His plans were discovered and on 5 September 1708 he was captured at Kőszeg together with the other disloyal officers. The Kuruc military court sentenced him to death and he was executed. A Street and a High School bear his name in Budapest. – B: 0883, 1444, T: 7668.→Kuruc; Freedom Fight of Rákóczi II, Prince Ferenc; Pálffy, Count János.

Bible Alliance (Biblia Szövetség) – A recent development within the Reformed Church in Hungary. However, its roots are in the Revivalist Period at the turn of the 19th century: in the Bethania CE Alliance, the Mission Alliance, Soli Deo Gloria (SDG) Alliance, and from the Christian Youth Society (Keresztyén Ifjúsági Egyesület KIE, the Hungarian form of YMCA) to a new awakening movement of the mid 20th century. Despite the oppressive measures of the Communist regime the flame was not extinguished. In the late 1980s, when the breeze of political change blew through Hungary, there was a demand for a united, biblical and true Christian movement within the Protestant churches. This is how the Bible Alliance was started in December of 1988, and officially formed but not exclusively by Reformed believers on 1 May 1989. The headquarters and the Bible School are at Pécel, in the vicinity of Budapest. The Alliance furthers the services of dedicated Christians. – B: 0910, T: 7103.

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