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Beyond the Mountain (Hegyentúl) – This is a territory of the historical Provinces of Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slovakia) and Nyitra (now Nitra, Slovakia). Beyond the Little Carpathian Mountains stretches the Morava River valley. Its old Hungarian name is Búrmező. The same name was also used in the context of public administration. Its Hungarian inhabitants in the early Middle Ages were partially of Szekler origin absorbed during the same period by the Slovakian population, boosted by Moravian elements. Several geographical names perpetuate their existence. – B: 1134, T: 7677.

Beythe, István (Stephen) (Kő, 1532 - Németújvár, now Güssing, Austria, 3 May 1612) – Bishop of he Reformed Church, church historian, naturalist. First he taught at Hédervár, Szabolca, Alsólendva, and later at Sárvár. Then from 1574 to 1576, he preached in Hungarian in Sopron. Next, Boldizsár (Balthasar) Batthány (1543-590, a Protestant nobleman) called him to Németújvár to be his court chaplain in 1576. In 1585, he became superintendent and Bishop for the Protestant churches in Transdanubia between Lake Fertő and Lake Balaton. At the annual Synod of Csepreg in 1584 he issued canons opposed by the orthodox Lutheran pastors. The final separation came in 1591 during the colloquy at Csepreg; he resigned from his episcopal office in 1595. Beythe was an outstanding scientist of his age. He co-operated with the famous Dutch botanist Clausius during his stay in Hungary. Clausius mentioned this in the preface of the Latin-Hungarian botanical dictionary published in 1583 by the printer Marclius at Németújvár, and he learned the Hungarian names of the plants found within Pannonian (Transdanubian) territory from István Beythe. Beythe also wrote a botanical work independently: Stirpium nomenclator Pannonicus (1583). This is regarded as the first study of botany in the Hungarian language. He also wrote the Interpretation of the Gospels…(Az evangéliomok magyarázati...) (1584). – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7682.

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