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Better for Hungary Movement (Better)

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Better for Hungary Movement (Better) (Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom – Jobbik) – A radical Right-Wing party. Its predecessor, the Right-Wing Youth Community (“Right”) (Jobboldali Ifjúsági Közösség – Jobbik), made up mainly of university students, was formed into a political party in 2003. Its aim was to push the Hungarian Life and Justice Party (Magyar Igazság és Élet Pártja, MIÉP) to the background, thereby offering an alternative to the radical right-wing voters. At the 2009 European Parliamentary Elections it came in third with close to 15%, not far behind the Hungarian Socialist Party (Magyar Szocialista Párt, MSZP). According to their constitution, the aim of the Right is to “bring to a close the political regime change and to create a more just society.” The Party’s founding document states that its aims are to create a radical, national Christian society based on value principles and conservatism, endeavouring to represent the nation as a whole.” The Party is nationalistic, but not chauvinistic. They consider both the MSZP and the “extremely liberal” Free Democrats’ Alliance (Szabad Demokraták Szövetsége – SZDSZ), and their roots in the “bourgeoisie-liberal” Young Democrats’ Federation (Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége – Fidesz) as political opponents, although they collaborated with them in a few autonomous local administrations. Since the election of Gábor (Gabriel) Vona as president (2006), they ran together with the Hungarian Life and Justice Party (MIÉP) in “The MIÉP-Right is the Third Way” coalition, but did not win seats in Parliament. In 2007, the Party published its Mandate named after Gábor (Gabriel) Bethlen, according to which there exists a “constitutional crisis” in the land. For its resolution it would be necessary to reinstate the Constitution based on the Holy Crown Doctrine (Szent Korona Tan). The Party demands the nationalization of strategically important branches of government and industry, the reviewing of privatization and mass immigration, and the recording of church marriages by the National Bureau of Births and Marriages. It also demands compulsory religious instructions in public and secondary schools and recognition of the red-and-white striped Arpád-flag as a national symbol. Thus the Party created the National Guard; and although it was disbanded by a court order in 2009, it was re-established as the New National Guard, and a Gendarmerie was also formed. At the June 7, 2009 European Parliamentary Elections the Right received 13,77% of the votes and was able to appoint 3 representatives to the European Parliament. At the general election in April 2010, the Party won 17 % of the votes, and captured 47 seats in the Parliament, which success was repeated at the municipal elections in October of 2010. – T: 1031, 2008, T: 7617.→Vona, Gábor; Morvai, Krisztina; Balczó, Zoltán; Gaudi-Nagy, Tamás; Political Parties in Hungary; Bethlen, Prince Gábor; Doctrine of the Holy Crown.

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