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Bethlen, Countess Árva Kata

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Bethlen, Countess Árva Kata (Orphan Kate) (Bonyha now Bahnea, Romania, 30 November 1700 - Fogaras, now Fagaras, Romania, 29 July 1759) – Memoir writer. She had a difficult life, lost her first husband, then the second one, and even her children died. She called herself “Orphan”. Nevertheless she had a deep and strong Christian faith and a dedicated life to her Reformed Church. With her faith she succeeded in overcoming all the vicissitudes she wrote about in her memoirs, including her fight for the Church. There was an embroidery workshop in her court. Some of its products, made for churches, survived. She was an expert in the art of embroidery. She collected a significant library with the help of Court Chaplain Péter Bod. The library was bequeathed to the Reformed College of Nagyenyed (now Aiud, Romania) but perished in the fire of 1847. She wrote a book entitled Strong Protective Shield (Védelmező erős paizs) (1759). Her other writings and correspondence as well as her autobiography were published in the 20th century. – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7103.→Péter Bod; Fogaras, Runic Insciption in Church; Hungarian Runic Script.

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